The artist:
    My name is Charles and I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. I currently work as a systems programmer, but I have worked many areas of the computer industry since 1987 giving me a wide range of experience, knowledge, and skill sets.

    I started working in multimedia and graphic design in the early nineties with an interest in doing art for the music industry, such as cd covers, posters, and web design; although, I am open to any work and even do children's illustration from time to time.

    My art is dark and generally fits in well with the metal, goth, and industrial scene. If you like dark symbolic things I am sure you will find something of interest.

Digital Tools:
    Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Poser 5, Bryce 3D, Flash MX, Freehand, and many other Windows, Mac, Linux Open source applications like the Gimp, Inkscape, etc. I use a Canon 10D as my main digital camera and an Epson 2200 for printing.

Traditional Tools:
    Acrylic paint, pen, pencil, airbrushing, tattooing, and sculpting in different clays.

Web Tools:
    Apache, IIs, MySQL, Flash, Python, PHP, and rarely ASP.

Sound Tools:
    Fruityloops, Acid, Soundforge, Reason, and Audacity.

Services and contact:
    If your interested in having work done or have an inquiry of services please go to my [Services and Contact] page.