:: Gothic Resources ::
[Thee Basket Boo-tique] Spooky toys, candy, and bath accessories , plus much more.
[Moonstone Jewelry] Wonderful jewelry store with the best products, check out the pentagram ring, which I couldn't pass up. High quality pieces, fast service, and real people running the store/designing the jewelry. Highly recommended...
[Dark Links] Gothic Links Site
[Hughg-Reckshun] Goth/fetish Link Site (adult content)
[RealmGothica] Awesome Goth site
[Art Of Dark] Cool German gothic store and site. Has some cool things for men. This is the english link.
[Kambriel] Gothic store with some cool clothing for men and women. Custom tailoring! Friendly, quick responses - highly recommended!
[the-black-angel] Gothic Clothing Site
[Goth Rosary] So your looking for a priests shirt and collar?
[Metapot] Wiccan Jewelry, Metaphysical Gift Shop, Wicca Store.
[Gothic Rose Antiques] The creepiest and coolest shit you will ever see on the net for sale.
[Raven Blackwood] Witchcraft related items.