:: 10.16.2006 ::

New art:

:: 09.27.2006 ::

Open Laszlo Eclipse IDE plugin install instructions:

I found this to be a major pain in the ass and while looking around found that others think the same way. Well, I wrote some instructions to help anyone that needs them out. Instructions are here.

Screenshot of the environment.

:: 08.07.2006 ::

Well I had a little time and did some art. This is the first real piece of art I have made in about eight months. Click for a full view...

Collector Of Souls

:: 05.21.2006 ::

Haven't been doing much art or web stuffs lately, guess I am just burnt; plus, I just haven't had a lot of time. We got a new puppy, English Mastiff, which has been a lot of work. Between him and the baby it's amazing I get anything done. I also try to free up time for my wife so she can get her art done.

As for my artistic endeavors I have been making chain maille when I get the chance so I will be posting things here and there. I currently have one gothic style necklace for sale. I also plan to revamp our sites again soon.

:: 02.10.2006 ::

Been playing with Kubuntu and Ubuntu linux and I am very happy with these distros! I have screen shots here. For some misc. setup info [read this].

Also put up an Etsy Store if your interested in buying prints. The store is [here]. You can also plug in the [RSS].

:: 01.07.2006 ::

Walhalla and the Legend of Mooney's Mansion

For those who do not know the legend it's about a house in a creepy ravine in my old stomping grounds. Lot's of people travel Walhalla road looking for a house called Mooney's Mansion. Most can't seem to find it, but it is there.

There are several legends about a murder suicide. The one I heard as a kid was that Dr. Mooney, who lived in the big house, killed his wife and children with an axe and hung him himself from the Calumet bridge, which hovers across the Walhalla ravine. The story continues that a statue of his wife in the back yard bleeds from the neck where her head was severed by the axe. This statue does not exist.

If your interested in Mooney's Mansion in Walhalla here are pics of the house and the Lion's head (referenced in some versions of the legend). From my research I'd say all those great stories of murder and ghosts I grew up with are nothing but legends.

I grew up in Clintonville, went to Chrestview Middle School across from Mooney's on Weber Rd. I spent many days and nights partying and hanging under and around the bridge and Walhalla Rd. I have been chased down there, but it wasn't a ghost, it was a police car (#31) driven by Ed B. Honestly, my friends and I were the scariest thing down there, at least in the eighties.

The pics and some information can be downloaded here.

:: 12.28.2005 ::

Put some of my old, and some new, Python stuff back up. They are here.

:: 11.06.2005 ::

Been working on Dark Artistry and swicthed the backend to Drupal. The more I use Drupal the more I fall in love with it. It has some wierd things, but they are easily fixed. Very happy with the way it turned out and with newer tools like Flock web browser and w.blogger the administration is just so conveniant and easy.

Flock is the coolest damned thing I have seen in the browser world in a long time. Firefox kicks ass, but to me it's just another web browser. Flock is Firefox on steroids! You have to give it a try if you already love Firefox and or do a lot os blogging. [Flock lives here] If you need some extensions there some here. One of my absolute favorite extensions is [MozImage] These do not install automatically. Just save as and do a file open in Flock ;)

If you use Drupal and you want to blog from Flock set the blogapi module to weblogAPI. The blogger API will not work correctly. I also found this to be true in Flickr when posting to Drupal via Blogger API. WeblogAPI fixes both issues. To connect to your Drupal site using this api just do this when asked for your blog endpoint: http://www.yoursite.com/xmlrpc.php then log in ;) In Flock it will fail so just cancel which enters you into manual setup, select webblogAPI in the drop down, enter your url, and login. Your set :) Enjoy!

:: 10.09.2005 ::

I have three Halloween art cards at ebay for sale and my wife has two. These are 3.5"x2.5 acrylic paintings on canvas. The pics don't give them much justice... (No that is not a sales pitch)

[Here are images of my three cards]

[They are here on eBay]

I also have two not posted, but these are print transfers to canvas at the same size. Here are pics of the digital images.
[Crucified $2.00 plus s/h]
[Teamwork $2.00 plus s/h]

If your interested in these as ACEO cards e-mail me at mohawke@gmail.com I will most likely post these on ebay or one of our two stores soon, but I will hold them if I get an e-mail. I will only sell one of each as art cards.

In other news:
If you love Flash web content you cannot miss this! OpenLaszlo creates swf files or serves Flash content on the fly using Tomcat Server. It's free, it's easy XML style code, and there is even a free IDE to write in. One thing really cool is that the documentation is live, meaning it shows you the Flash content live in the docs and allows editing of the example xml with your changes previewed. I can't think of a better way to learn...

I wrote a full article on it with all the links for everything you will need to get started.

[OpenLaszlo Article]

:: 09.18.2005 ::

Been awhile since I have updated, but I have been busy. Got two web-sites themed and running so go check them out.

[IvyBlue.net] : warning - adult content!
[MichelleSteele.com] : site for my wife. I will sell art there as well.

Both sites are using Drupal, which just kicks major ass! I can't see any reason to develop from scratch anymore and best of all it's free.
I have created some art, mainly paintings, which can be seen on Dark Artistry or MichelleSteele.com.

:: 08.07.2005 ::

Made some Haiku wallpapers. Total of three at 1600x1200. Download is zipped.

:: 07.17.2005 ::

Found some bugs in artPal - Paypal art store, which are now fixed. artPal is a simple to use Paypal store for artists. It can be downloaded following the links here.
[artPal v0.1 download]     [artPal live]

I started a painting awhile ago and hope to finish it soon. Also started another which incorporates some sculpting. Hope to get these done soon and post them in my galleries. Have done some updating to Dark Artistry, this site, and my wife's site/store, but have been so busy I haven't been on much and when I am I am working on a site for a friend.

Our son just turned six months so things are calming down so hopefully I can get a lot more art out.

:: 04.25.2005 ::

I wrote a php/mysql Paypal cart script for my wife and I that is geared towards artists.

Features: Image uploads, which resizes and makes thumbs of your art when you add entries to the database. Has categories, on the fly paypal "Buy Now" button creation, ebay listing, admin panel, etc.

The script is here if you want to use it, play with it, use it as reference, whatever... GPL license
[artPal v0.1 download]     [artPal live]

:: 04.05.2005 ::

Reworked Dark Artistry and I am happy with the way it turned out. Dark Artistry is an on-line art gallery for Ohio artists with a darker view. If you live in Ohio and have an on-line portfolio please send us a message. We are looking for some dark ohio artists!

:: 03.21.2005 ::

I made some free calendars for you to download.