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Operating Systems

Top Free Operating systems Description
HaikuBeOS written from the ground up. Boot's on my MacBook Pro perfectly! For software see TiltOS (KDE apps on Haiku) and Haikuware
Elive LinuxThis is pretty damned cool Debian based OS sporting Enlightenment DRR16 and DR17. Install can be found on the menu once booted into the live cd.
Linux MintUbuntu done a little better and with a lot more style.
KXStudioUbuntu studio done a little better and with a lot more style.
gOSgOS enables cloud computing through software. Linux with Google gadgets cloud computing features. This is what I would imagine Google's ChromeOS to be like...
ReactOSBasically open Windows XP written from the ground up. Runs Windows exe and drivers natively.
Kubuntu LinuxUbuntu running KDE. Nice distro...
Ubuntu LinuxUbuntu Linux, if you haven't heard of it you must be really new to computers or seriously close minded.
Geubuntu LinuxUbuntu with Enlightenment.
Suse LinuxVery nice distro. Commercial version can be found here.
Mandriva LinuxThe free version is at this link. They also sell a commercial supported version.
Debian LinuxHighly recommended.
Ubuntu StudioUbuntu for musicians.
Puppy LinuxPuppy linux is very unique and fast! It is one of the best live cd Linux distros I have ever seen. Highly recommended.
Fedora LinuxBased off Redhat. I am not a big fan. Redhat is the commercial version basically.
Sabayon LinuxA great distro and they seem like a great group of guys. Popular.
Mepis LinuxHaven't ran this myself. Bleeding edge. Popular.
PCLinuxOSBleeding edge and very simple. Based off of Mandriva it has all the Firefox plugins working out of the box, Flash, Java, Video playback, and MP3 support. Also makes running Beryl, Compiz, or Metisse very painless.
PardusBleeding edge and very simple Turkish distro. Firefox plugins working out of the box, Flash, Java, Video playback, mp3, and 3-D support. Nice icon set and really nice control center.
Slackware LinuxThis is the first distro of Linux I ever ran before switching to Redhat and it is the oldest distribution. One of the most secure from what I am told also.
Dynebolic LinuxRuns on slower hardware and is designed for multimedia production.
DreamLinuxMade to look like OS X.
Free BSD UnixBSD Built for the desktop user.
PC BSD UnixBSD Built for the desktop user.
desktopBSD UnixBSD with a focus on end user desktops. Looks really good.
GNU-Darwin LinuxGNU Linux
Infinite OSNot sure if this is still alive.
OpenQNXEmbedded. Screen shots of some desktops.
BeOSmaxRemake of BeOS 5pro with all new drivers for the latest hardware, tons of software, like Abiword, Gimp, etc.
TheOSVery lightweight and small OS.
AROSAROS is a portable and free desktop operating system aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS.
MenuetA very cool, very small open operating system.
Minux3A very small open operating system, BSD style license.
SyllableAn operating system forked from Aros.
E/OSE/OS is an open source unix graphic operating system emulator under GNU GPL 2,0 license, suitable for the execution of Microsoft programs Windows, Apple MAC OS, IBM OS/2, MSDOS and Linux.
MockupNew X11 desktop environment based on Qt4, FreeBeOS clone.
Geexbox LinuxLooking for a very small media os for your car, jukebox, etc? This is exactly what you need.
SmoothwalHeavy duty firewall based on the GNU/Linux operating system.
XBox LinuxxBox game platform.
FreeNASFreeNAS is a free NAS (Network-Attached Storage) server, supporting: CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, AFP, RSYNC, iSCSI protocols, S.M.A.R.T., local user authentication, Software RAID (0,1,5) with a Full WEB configuration interface. FreeNAS takes less than 32MB once installed on Compact Flash, hard drive or USB key.
Solarisx86, 64 (Commercial Unix) This is a free and open version download of this kick ass Unix OS that works natively with Linux apps.

Not all free, but cheap alternatives.

Zetax86 BeOS! I miss BeOS so this is the greatest thing to hit the market for me in years. (German) Look at Haiku from a free alternative.
SkyOSx86 Not released yet, but you can beta test for $30.00 and you get the final full release and all the software on cd when finished also. This is a new os, not a linux distro. Looks really good!
LinSpire (formerly Lindows)x86 (Commercial Linux)
Xandrosx86 (Commercial Linux) Free version available if you look around the site, most likely stripped down.
AmigaOS4ppc at some point.
Yellow Dog Linuxppc, ppc 64
MorphOS ppc/Amiga See web-site for more information.
PegasOS ppc/Amiga See web-site for more information.
Nomachine NXOperating systems and or applications served over the Internet or local network. Open source server and client software available.

Moving to Linux or OS X? These will come in handy.

Crossover OfficeFor the non-gamer looking to run Windows apps on Linux. Not free, but cheap and worth the money if you want to use Photoshop, Macromedia products, etc.
CedegaFor the gamer or anyone who needs DirectX 3D support and wants to run Windows games/apps on Linux. Also not free, but cheap. I use both Winex and Crossover.
Win4LinWindows on Linux. Not free and I haven't heard good things about it.
VMWareWindows on Linux, Linux on Windows, Windows on Windows, etc. I am running virtual Windows XP on my Linux box and this is flawless, fast, and absolutely usable! Wrote about it here. It is now free!
PearPCOS X or Linux on Windows. My screenshots Mac on win 1 Mac on win 2. Free
DarwineWindows apps on OS X. Free
WineBottlerWindows apps on OS X, tool to make using Wine on OS X easier.
WineWindows apps on Linux. Free Wine has come along way since I put this up. I'd seriously try your Windows application or game in Wine before buying Cedega or Crossover.
KlikKlik is a system for Linux which creates self-contained packages of applications downloadable from the web with a single click, even while running a Live-CD. Free
VirtualboxVirtualization like VMWare. Free
QemuVirtualization like VMWare. Free

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