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Interesting Web-Sites and web based applications.

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MCanerinGenerate robots.txt file for web-site. Validate itUtility
ISDNtekHTML encoder (encryption) like the commercial ones you see on the net.Utility
JS-ExamplesHTML encryption and tools. You can encrypt on the page just select See code run. Look to the side for more cool tools and code.Utility
RasterbatorFeed it a small image and it will print it very large. Ya might want to fill the printer first. Stand alone versionWebApp
CooltextCreate a web image or button entirely on-line.WebApp
Frozen BubbleWeb page based version of Frozen Bubble with high scores.Game
Vintage GamesSpace Invaders, Pac Man anyone? Vintage coin opps online - no install required.Game
Etch-a-sketchI guess the title says it all.Game
Active Worlds3-D chat and games.3D
VizX3D3-D online environments displayed in the browser. Here is the plugin for Mozilla/Firefox3D
Moove3-D online chat free to join. The 3D world is on your computer as opposed to a server. Make you own avatars with facial expressions.3D
Greek MachineAt a loss for words?Utility
Latin TranslatorEnglish to Latin or Latin to English Translation. Java and html versions.Translation
Babel Fish TranslationLaguange translation, German, English, French, Spanish, etc.Translation
Yahoo Currency ConverterConvert dollars into other currency and vice versa.Conversion
Online CalculatorsList of calculators, scientific to standard. also hosts some online puzzle games and lots of nice resources in the area of higher math.WebApp
Answers.comThe best definitions and explanations for over 1 million topics. Try their free 1 click software for Win, Mac, or as a Mozilla plugin - free.Reference
Wayback MachineGo back in time on the net. Looking for a web page that vanished in early 1993? Go back in time!Utility
Naked NewsGet the news from naked news folks. When it first started up I figured it would just be another porn site, what do I know. Note: Not a free service.News
Hoax-slayerNot really amusing, well somethings. Let's just say it's nice to know what's real and what's BS out here in netland.Reference
SnopesCurious about a Urban legend, want to know what's true and what's not?Reference
CSS Zen GardenThe nicest and the best resource to learn and get ideas on CSS design.For hardcore learning visit The W3C Schools.Learning
MozDevmozDex is a search engine that uses open source search technologies to create an open and fair index.Search will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything.Toy
Cliche FinderHave you been searching for just the right clich' to use? Are you searching for a cliche' using the word "cat" or "day" but haven't been able to come up with one? Here you go.Toy
Andy's Amazing Card TrickPick a card, any card...Toy
MorseCodeIf you want to learn Morse code, here you go.Learning
ProcesslibraryWant to know what a process running on your Windows machine is or maybe worried about it? Look it up.Reference
TopwordWebsite keyword analyzer. Check your sites keywords for search engines.Utility
Google Docs and SpreadsheetsOn-line word processor and spreadsheet applications.WebApp
Art EdventuresCool art education site with art games and other toys. I liked this, Crime Detection.Game
Consumer WebwatchThe site is a grant-funded project of Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports. You'll find in-depth reports evaluating Web commerce overall.Reference
FedstatsGateway to stats from federal agencies.Reference
Library of MedicineUnited States National Library of Medicine. For laypersons see Medlineplus.Reference
OrigamiInterested in Origami? Want to learn? beginners.Learning
Free-translatorLanguage translation that will translate whole web pages by entering the url.Translation
BibliomaniaStudy literture or just pick a classic for a free read.Books
AuctionsniperAuction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your eBay bid in the closing seconds of any eBay bidding auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning.Utility
Zwahlen DesignNice tutorial on those cool little web banners you see all over the place - font and template available.Learning
W3schoolsEverything you need to know to be a top notch web developer.Learning
NumsumLive spreadsheets. Numsum allows you to create and edit Excel like spreadsheets on-line. You can also collaborate with other users like you can with Writely.WebApp
Your name in JapaneseVery cool, gives you the kanji as well as the spelling in English plus pronunciation.Toy
Classic ReaderClassic literiture. They offer a large collection of free classic books by authors such as Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare and many others.Books
BotsvsbrowsersLook up bots, details, etc.Utility
AnswerbusAsk a question and get an answer.Reference
TryFaceRecognitionUpload your photo and find out which celebrity you resemble the most! Other face recognition services availabe. Mostly FreeToy
Flickr browserVery cool Flickr browser.Search
ZohoOn-line word processor application that runs in your web browser. Similar to Word.WebApp
GliffyOn-line diagramming an flow charting application that runs in your web browser. Similar to Visio.WebApp
PhixrOn-line image editing application that runs in your web browser. Similar to Paint Shop Pro. etc.WebApp
BitfontMakerOn-line font creation application that runs in your web browser. Create a font on-line.WebApp
CreateagraphOn-line graph and chart creation application that runs in your web browser.WebApp
HiTaskOn-line task management application that runs in your web browser.WebApp
SketchpadDrawing application.WebApp
JotFormWeb Based WYSIWYG Form Builder. Create and publish web forms using your browser.WebApp
Google Image RipperSearch Google images. "No more thumbnails, straight to the good stuff."Search
GraphPaperNeed graph paper, but you don't have time to run to the office supply store?Utility
Laszlo MailFree e-mail from the Laszlo team. Is a Flash based mail client that was and is served from OpenLaszlo.WebMail
WindizUpdateWindows Update that does not use IE. Browsers supported Seamonkey, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and K-Meleon.Utility
ConvertIconConvert between PNG and ICO formats without losing any quality or downloading any software.WebApp
ZamzarConvert any file to another type, audio, video, image, txt, etc...WebApp
EasyVMXSimple and failsafe way to create complete virtual machines for VMware Player on the web. You can install any Windows, Linux, BSD or Solaris, and test LiveCDs in a safe environment. Create VMWare/VMPlayer config files with ease also.WebApp
DocufarmView documents online, pdf, ps, etc. No more need for PDF reader. Really nice if you can't install software on your work machine and you need a document reader.WebApp
CumulatedrawCreate a flowchart, floor or office layout, or just play around all on-line. Pretty cool web app.WebApp
WriterInternet typewriter with auto save feature.WebApp
FaxzeroFax for free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada online.WebApp was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times).Utility
JumpcutUpload, edit, rate, and share video, complete with a really nice video editor. Editor even has effects and normal features found in a video editor.WebApp
SplicemusicSplice lets you upload and record sounds, compose songs, and listen to music. Nothing like audio editing in your web broswer.WebApp
QueekyVote on images or create your own on-line. Your creation process can recorded and played back.WebApp
AjaxAnimatorCreate SWF Flash animation on-line.WebApp
BabylonLatin-English Dictionaries plus more.Resource
KerpoofCreate a picture, book, or movie. You can store your creations in the online gallery or save to your computer. You can also share you creations on the site.WebApp
UlteoRun Open Office in the web browser in a virtual session. Register and you get a gig of storage.WebApp
PicnikOnline photo editing.WebApp
TimeandDateOnline calendar generation with holidays and printable format.WebApp
WheresgeorgeWonder where your money has been or where it goes when spent? This site will track it.Toy
CodeIDEOnline programmers IDE. Supports Pascal, Basic, Perl, C++, Javascript to name a few.WebApp
Ex.plode.usExplode is an easy way to find friends and those with common interests, no matter what social network or service they use.Utility
SumopaintA drawing and photo editing application. Similar to PhotoshopWebApp
RavenA vector drawing application. Similar to Illustrator.WebApp
Lovely ChartsA drawing and photo editing application. Similar to Visio.WebApp
Project GutenbergA large collection of public domain and free books.Books
LibrivoxA large collection of public domain and free books in audio format.Books
LuLuLulu eliminates traditional publishing barriers and enables you to sell your work directly to your target audience. You'll never have to jump through hoops to find a publisher again!Utility
ScribdScribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents.Utility
Photoshop.comPhoto editor and image storage with sharing.WebApp
SkydiveFile storage from Microsoft. 25gb free with a file size limit of 50mb upload.Utility
WakoopaTrack the apps you use, share them with others, and get recommendations based on what you use. Also see "I Use This".Utility
JoongelCan't find what you're looking for on Google,etc? Try Joogel…Search
TrangoriaTagoria is a free browser-based fantasy role playing game.Game

Other Open Source Software Resources

Freedownload a dayHuge collection of Linux and Mac applications and utilities, very well done.
I Want A Linux/Unix Utility To...Big collection of Open source only Linux/Unix applications and utilities maintained by Rich Burridge.
IceWalkersThis is the best damned software list ever if you are looking for Linux/Unix software. This is similar to an idea I was messing around with for this list, but it's already been done now so I won't reinvent the wheel. It's a great site and worth a visit even if you don't run Linux - a good way to get an idea of what's available in the Linux and Unix world.
Version TrackerFind, download, and rate software.
Native OS X AppsListing of OS X native Open source projects. This is a very good list.
ProgramURLVery large software listing which is very well catagorized. I found it a pain in the ass to find things unless you know the name of the software you're looking for or have time to walk through all the applications. Also appears to be Windows only applications.
SynergymxListing of Freeware and Open source projects for Windows.
FreshmeatListing of Open source projects.
SourceforgeListing of mostly Open source projects, multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, and Linux.
Wiki Open Source ListListing of Open source software for multiple platforms.
JairlieList of Windows recommended Open source software.
OSSWinListing of Open source software for Windows.
Wiki Mac Open Source ListListing of Open source software for Mac.
Open Source MacListing of Open source software for Mac.
OSX.FreshmeatListing of Open source projects for Mac.
Cool OS X AppsListing of mostly Freeware Mac applications.
OS X AppsListing of Open source software for Mac.
Fink PackagesListing of Linux apps available on Mac via Fink.
Open Source CMSListing of Open source web Blogs, CMS, Galleries, and BB's.
OSFlashList of Open source Flash creation applications and tools.
DistroWatchLists every Linux distribution available.
LiveCDListLists Linux distributions available with download links. Can be sorted by votes. Very nice list!
OS X SwikiSearch for, rate, and talk about free OS X software.
Linux Game TomeLinux games. Largest list I know of.
MMOHutHuge listing of free MMORPGs.

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Nothing in this list contains malware/virus/trojan code that I am aware of; although, anything labeled freeware is more likely to contain it than open source. As a matter of fact, I have never had any open source program install any malicious code! I will explicitly state if freeware has adware/spyware if possible. I will not post links to software containing any virus, trojan, dialer, or malware if it is at all possible, but use caution when installing any software, scan with a virus scanner and/or search Google for bad experiences with a product by other users if you are unsure. I cannot guarantee any item on this list as safe, especially freeware, use these products at your own risk. By following links on this list or using products listed herein you are agreeing that I am not in anyway liable for any and all damages that may occur from the use of any software application you may choose to install.

I have used most everything in this list myself and used this list as a kind of bookmarking for myself at one time, but there are a few freewares I haven't used or tested. There have also been links added recently by request from people visiting the list that I have not installed or used as I only use Linux and OS X these days. If you find anything containing spyware, malware, adware, or any other nasty please let me know so I can look into it, or at least remove the offending application. Some adware can simply be removed using Adaware allowing you to continue using the application with no problems - free cd burner is one where this is possible - it never adds anything else after install.

If you want me to add something to the list that you feel would be worthwhile for others, by all means contact me. Please be aware that I am mainly focused on open source software and will consider it over shareware/freeware/commercial software everytime unless the it is absolutely amazing or a very hard to find necessity. There are many shareware and freeware sites already available that are easily found that provide such software.

Please read the developers sites! Some programs may be in beta and they will generally state that. I like testing so beta and unstable software doesn't bother me, but it may not work as you expect it to and may not be the best choice for being productive.

Please read licensing for any products you use and make sure the licensing hasn't changed since I posted. Some things become pay products (mainly freeware) when I am not looking and it's hard to keep track of everything. Please email me if this happens OR if you find I have the wrong license listed for any product so I can update the list - it would be very helpful!

If you use GPL or other open source licensed software please consider donating money to the developers of the products you use or find most useful. It helps to keep them making great free software and guarantees these products continue getting better for future use. For more information on Open Source software please visit The Open Source Foundation

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If you're looking for Linux software learn how to use your Linux distros package manager, apt, yast, etc, or if you're on Mac OS X try Fink. Plus, almost all open source licensed software on this list is ported from Linux/Unix applications so a simple visit to the developer's page should yield you a Linux version if you cannot find it in your distros package manager.

I really dislike group mentality, even in the open source arena. If you are on this list with the "it sucks, because it contains freeware and commercial software" relax, not all freeware is bad and you do not have to use it. If you have this mentality and you are looking for open source software for Windows or OS X you are simply a hypocrite. If you are a Linux/Unix purest you should know it's all about choice and freedom. Others may want or need the choice to use freeware or even commercial applications, including Windows or OS X. Whether it be religion or software, choice is what makes people happy and pieceful and group mentaility typically makes people hateful, aliented, or dead, the choice is yours so choose wisely your options.

If you dislike my list I link to several really good software lists at the bottom of Web-Sites, the choice is all yours ;)

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